☑ Help a local charity take control of their website

Communities Together came to me with some very specific problems: their website was incomplete, inaccessible, unattractive and out-of-date. We met for coffee to talk things over.

Jump to two weeks later, and Communities Together have a complete, effective website that:

Informs the public of the work Communities Together do to combat racial discrimination in North East Lincolnshire.

Grows Communites Together’s network by enabling visitors to sign up to their newsletter mailing list.

Encourages contact from the community with a clear, persuasive ‘Contact Us’ page and strategically placed links throughout the site.

Communities' Together's homepage after I'd finished with it.

(Here’s the new homepage. To see what it used to look like, click here.)

The original website had nearly thirty separate pages (most of them empty or incomplete). ➡️ The new website has four. That makes the site easier for trustees to manage and easier for visitors to understand.

No-one working for the charity felt comfortable updating or editing their old website. ➡️ I trained its development worker and two trustees in the use of WordPress and wrote them a how-to guide on the inner workings of their website.

The original website had few pictures, terrible colour-coordination, and a serious lack of focus. ➡️ The new website looks great. The navigation is simpler and clearer, and every page contains clear calls to action encouraging the local community to get in touch, sign up to the newsletter or engage via social media.

The new contact page.

(You can click on that image to enlarge it. This is what it used to look like.)

Jill Wilson, the development worker for Communities Together, said this about the work I did:

“Our website was in such a bad state that we weren’t giving out its address. Now, it’s the source of a steady stream of subscribers to our newsletter and a resource for local people who want to learn about organisation and the work we do to address equality and fairness for all people in North East Lincolnshire.”

Communities Together's new About Us page.

I had a great time on this project and I think Communities Together did too. They’ve gained control of their website: they know how to handle it, and they know where it fits into their overall plan for the charity. If you’d like me to advise you on your website, let me know by getting in touch, and we’ll see where we can go from there.