⬛️ Learn to write Teeline

Teeline is the most commonly used form of shorthand in the UK. At the start of June 2016 I’m about two weeks into learning to write it, and I’m practicing by covering pages of flip-notebooks with repeated letters and trying to take notes on speeches from the Hay Festival:

Early attempts

It’s actually going better than expected so far. Faster, anyway. I don’t have a tutor — I’m trying to pick it up systematically by trawling the internet for PDFs of shorthand textbooks. And that comes with all the usual drawbacks of learning something without a coach: no corrections; no encouragement; no-one to ask specific, un-Google-able questions. At this point, I plan on finding someone to give me some detailed guidance in about a month. I want to be proficient (100wpm in acceptable script) by August.